Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween, Megamind, good food, so on and so forth.

Why, hello there!

Halloween was this week!
We watched Megamind and Monsters University! My goodness I love those movies! (Megamind was a little more up my ally though-- gave us Elders some good motivation to hit the iron the following morning.)
Oh yeah, there was this one scene in Megamind where Metroman's Calves gusted wind upon flexing... totally reminded of you, Dad. You are welcome.
Monsters University made me decide that I will be much more involved in College activities when I go back after the mission!

Oh, did I mention I am actually becoming a halfway decent cook now? I have learned the asian art of fried noodles and rice from my master miyagi (Elder Tang). It's some dang good stuff (no worries, I still make sure I use brown rice and noodles).
It's all about the asian sauces... it's the secret ingredient, man.
American sauces just don't do it.
Oh here is something I never thought I would say in my life.
This week we did yard work.
I loved it.
Now, Dad, don't get any ideas...

We did a whooole slew of branch work! Took us a good chunk of time! Hey, Tsu Jiemei (Sister Tsu) fed us some good Chinese food in return! well worth it.
Oh, our companionship found out how straightforward chinese people are this week...
We were at our new member's house, Irene, and we were just about to start our lesson... Her son, Joseph (10 years old), who was also recently baptized, was not present, however!
Me: "Ey, Joseph zai nali?" (Where is Joseph?)
I then hear this huge loud speech eminating from behind the closed bathroom door...
Joseph: "WO XIANZAI ZUO DA BIAN!" (Translation: I am right now making big one)
Funniest thing ever. Elder Johnson and I were dyiiing. Irene chuckled and looked towards us and said "You aren't used to how straightforward Chinese people are, are you?"

Instance 2: We were teaching a lesson to Linlin, our college student investigator...
Elder Johnson starts explaining something to her in Mandarin. She just sits there and stares at him. He then says "Did you understand my Chinese?"
She stares at him for 2 more seconds and looks over at me and says "Your chinese is much better."

We were all laughing so hard (except for her). Needless to say, Elder Johnson has some more motivation for his Chinese now.

Alrighty, I must be going now! I am sorry there is no grand message/ theme this time around-- I am slightly pressed for time D: Have a great week everyone! Take care :)

My Companion, Elder Tang, eating the abomination...

Virginia:  One of the most beautiful places in the world.  Trees, Trees, EVERYWHERE.

I swear you see so many hilarious license plates here.  All.  The.  Time!

Awesome license plate ;)

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