Monday, February 10, 2014

Fun fun fuuuuuuuun!

Okay this week.

Guess who was at the gym lifting weights the day before transfer meetings?

"I was ruuuuuunniiiiin!" -Forrest Gump
yeah we went on a little few mile adventure around the foresty area.
So my new companion... Elder Beck. The first official chinese called missionary to this mission (I was the second ;) )

Holy mackerel, we are having fun.

SO we had a little hair adventure the next morning... I was cutting my hair... looked fine... then I wanted to try something I see barbers do.. WHUMP.

Bald spot.

I had to pull out the super short ones and cut my hair.

I am now known as Sergeant Valentine. I tried to do the back myself, but Elder Beck just started dying so I knew something was up hahaha. He took pictures then did the back for me..

Anyway, this is pretty much the most fun transfer ever. We are both loud, crazy, and outgoing.

Oh yeah, he makes me clean now. So I clean. Thought you all might like to hear that.

We ran into a couple of deer.... Haha. Literally. Ill send you all the stuff...
So there is a movie in theaters right now-- it is called the Saratov Approach. It is about the missionaries who were kidnapped in russia.

Guess who got to watch it at transfer meetings (which got turned into a mission conference)?

WE DID. It was a total surprise! The movie was AWESOME. I recommend you all watch it!
Alright soo I learned something recently.

I learned that the mission pushes you. Okay, duh I bet you all knew that.

No, just wait a second here.
During the mission, you become reacquainted with your weaknesses.

Some of them are ones you were fully aware of before,
whereas others are ones you never knew.

I know my work ethic is terrible, and I know I am a terribly unclean person.
That wasn't knew.

I found out I am headstrong, proud, and am severely lacking humility (again, to some of you, this may be no surprise!).

I talked to my president recently, and those are things I am now working hard to correct. It is funny how this all works though. It is when you are striving hard to follow Christ, you continue to find more and more small things about yourself that you need to change.

It's a never ending process, I guess.
Anyway, the point I was making is that the mission really really changes a person. I don't know if any people who are contemplating on going on a mission will read this.
If you are one of those people, just know that the mission is hard. It is tough. It is humbling

It is all worth it and will change your life.

Alright everyone, I am off! I wish you all the best.

Love ya!

Elder Valentine


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