Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Short email! Sorry friends :(

Well, yesterday Elder Beck, my new district leader, some other missionary who spotted me five dollars to buy an American flag tie, and I went on an adventure to DC! SO NO TIME TO EMAIL!

Worst thing is, I have a lesson in 7 minutes that is a 2 minute drive, and a couple minutes walk way sooo...

Yeup. This will be a shortie!

I will send pictures next week! No worries people.

Hey, all I have to say to you fine folks is I love the book of Enos. It is awesome. I am teaching about it in this upcoming lesson to Rodger, a 20ish year old Christian in a huge family of buddhists (in other words, I respect him).

Enos is the perfect example for developing faith-- this guy uses words such as "wrestle" and "struggle" to depict the challenges he has to overcome in order to develop faith of Jesus Christ.

Alright , I will talk more next week!


PS. 6 people died due to heart attacks they received while shoveling the enormous amounts of snow.

Elder Beck and I totally stopped lifting and laughed when we heard that on the news.

I dont know how good that is haha....


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