Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another mesmerizing week, if I do say so myself.

Good afternoon, everyone!

We are snowed in again.

Now that I have been living in the cold snow for awhile, I am now able
to look upon the saying "Beauty is pain" with a much greater

We have another baptism this Saturday! Linlin is getting baptized :) I
am so happy for her! The other missionaries were able to get her
going. I guess it required making flashcards for her and having her
review them every day to understand what was going on. One of the
missionaries said he enjoyed it so much, he is considering going into
an Elementary Ed major !

Haha, kidding, he did not say that, but they really did have to make
her flashcards! They definitely paid off though! (Just to make some
clarification, Linlin is a 24 year old student in college, not an
elementary aged girl... didn't want any confusion!)

Our two current progressing investigators are doing great! They love
to learn and read so everything is going great there :) (Liu Jiang and

Last time we were at Liu Jiang's house, his dad asked us what our
favorite chinese food was! I told them "I love everything-- I could
eat the ocean" and Elder Beck said "BAOZI!" (Those rolls filled with
meat and such)

They called us a few days later to come on over and they loaded us
with (hold your seats) 6 BOXES OF BAOZI. Wowzers.

These are like big things-- not little baby rolls you can buy from
costco. These were legitimate hand made baozi in these take out boxes.
The dad told us he bought them from a vendor in New York. Man that was
some good eating.

Hey, did you all get a chance to go see stake conference? The
broadcast? That was so great! I loved it. Really. The self mastery
message was amazing! (I cannot remember the last one but it was
hilarious how he called out the stake president!)

Transfers are this thursday! This has been the fastest transfer in my
life. Laughter and merriment really does make time go by quicker.
Haven't laughed as much in my life as now. I love it.

We ran into a less active by chance the other day... when she opened
the door, all of these foamish things fell over... I asked her "Hey...
is that for... larping?"

(In case you do not know, LARP stands for "Live Action Role-play"-- in
other words, people make swords, shields, bows and arrows out of foam
and duke it out as if they were a live version of dungeons and dragons
or lord of the rings)

Her eyes got wide "HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LARPING???"

Her son then came out and gave us a demonstration of his bow and arrow
(which is awesome, by the way) and unintentionally convinced me that I
need to larp with my kids when I am older.

We got pictures, of course.

Another funny experience? We were driving down the road for some
tracting when all of a sudden we spotted a clan of asian people just
walking down the road. Our eyes got huge and we swang a U-ey to go
catch them. We parked and made our battle plan of how we were going to
make our approach...

We charged into the chinese restaurant after parking our rickshaw
(that is what we call the chinese missionary vehicle) thinking they
were headed there... we popped out and found out they went into the
grocery store instead...

We went over and engaged in chinese conversation with them!
Unfortunately, they were just visiting the area and heading over to
New York in the next couple of days.

We gave them a Book of Mormon with a mormon.org card inside then hung
out at the grocery store for an extra five minutes so they wouldn't
get freaked out hahaha...

Okay that story was not as funny as I thought it would be to tell. I
am sorry. I will do better next time.

Hey everyone, you have a good week! I love you all! The church is true! :)



Fang Zhanglao :)

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