Monday, April 21, 2014

Salmonilla, 4AM, Captain America, General Conference, Oh my!

Apr 7

Sorry for the not-so-creative email title. Haha I am getting lazy...

Elder Beck and I had an interesting week! Not too successful, though
:( Many breaker days.
We have reasons though!

1)We both got really sick this week. He ate some raw meat, and I ate a
few too many uncooked eggs... we both had the same symptoms so we
looked on the internet aaaand... Salmonilla poisoning. Just name all
of the symptoms on a pebto bismo bottle, and that's what we had. Not
too fun!
2) Elder Beck had to make some videos for the Assistants to the
President! They were for the beginning of the second quarter. It was a
tad frustrating due to how the others were going at a snail slow pace.
Elder Beck tried to do work but the others would always just waste
time. We ended up staying at the mission office until 4 blinking AM in
the morning. That day was ridiculous! They are taking us out to eat
tomorrow, though, so we are happy about that!

(Elder Beck spent a total of two days there-- they called us up after
the first day and told us they wanted to do it all over so we had to
go again on Friday)

say so myself :) I saw a link on facebook that addressed General
Conference as "Ted talks with a twist." I thought that was pretty
neat! Have any of you watched the link? I haven't yet.

Anyway, what was your favorite? I love it when the apostles talk about
how they themselves received their testimony and faith of this gospel.
I really love it because it shows how HUMAN they are. It means that
they were at one point at where you, me, our friends, family, ANYONE
is at, in terms of faith. The real kicker is if they were once where
we are now, we are all very well able to be where THEY are now, in
terms of faith.

How wonderful would that be? I will continue to apply the steps they
took to increasing their faith in hopes that I may too one day have
the faith they all possess.

Here is the link for conference in case you want to check it out :) I
encourage you all to check it out :)

Love you all :) thanks for the prayers and good wishes!

Elder Valentine


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