Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kung. Fu. DUNK.

The forecast?


Thank goodness :)

Alright so I have a cute little story to tell all of you... it is
definitely a miracle.
Saturday night was Lu Jiang's baptism. All was going well until he
told us his Dad was not able to make it.
BLAHOEIOFESJFOJS. We wanted his Dad to come sooo badly!

So, we did what needed to be done and released the tiger on him, AKA
our branch president.

The President gives him a call... Here is the conversation:
(translated for your convenience)

Pres: Hello! So your son is about to be baptized in a few minutes--
all we are waiting for is you!

Dad: Ehh I don't think so. He can go ahead and get baptized. I am
tired, just got off of work,
aaaand yeaaaah.

Pres: This is your son's baptism! You HAVE to--

Dad: Eh hold on, someone knocked on the door.

Who does he open the door to find?


What does he do? He sees the nametags and hands them the phone saying
their President is on the phone.

They give each other weird looks then take the phone.

SIsters: H-h-hello?

Pres: Hello? who is this?

Sisters: The sister missionaries!

Pres: Oh! Wonderful! We are having a baptism tonight. It is actually
the son of the guy you are talking to right now. Would you like to

Sisters: Sure!

Pres: Aand talk Lu Jiang's father into coming as well. Just have him
follow you in his car. Thanks!

So the sisters talk Lu Jiang's father aaand.... he ends up coming.

The sisters were just randomly tracting the area, looking for a
referral. They do not speak Chinese whatsoever and had no prior
knowledge about Lu Jiang, the baptism, or the situation.

Quite the miracle, indeed.

The baptism went very well! It was my first actual baptism in which I
performed the ordinance! That was way cool.

The father and his friend (accompanied him) were tearing up at the
baptism. I thought that was way cool.

I do not have much else to report-- the days seem to mesh together
more and more .... I love it haha. That means we are doing some good
work! We have had a baptism every month for the last little while...
we have two more lined up for the next two months... We are going to
up the game and shoot for two a month. That would be doubling the
expectation level per unit (unit meaning branch/ward). If we get the
other chinese companion in on the double baptism action, that would be
quadrupling the standard. Well, we shall see what happens!

Hey, thank you so much to those of you who shared that Christ video on
easter. Really. The church wanted that to be such a big deal and I am
so thankful for those who amped the #becauseofhim trend the church set
I was a little disappointed to see that only a few of the members I
shot out info to actually did it, but hey, now I have an enormous
appreciation and respect for those who did. The names that come to my
head are Becca Jensen, Riley Haycock, Carly KOZAK (BOOM, BOOM
Nguyen, Maddi Wirthlin... I am sure there are more that I cannot
remember but thank you so much to all who did!

PS if any of you have NOT seen the video, here ya go :)

Truly a beautiful video :) Just two minutes long, too! :D

Check it out if you haven't seen it yet:)

Well, gotta blast! (Jimmy Neutron)

You are all some fine, fine specimen :) Have a great week!

Much love,

Elder Valentine

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