Thursday, July 3, 2014

The work is rolling on!

June 16

Woah SHOCKER! My companion got transferred into a different area! WOW
that was quick! I now have Elder Chan, the chinese program veteran. He
is the last surviving Chinese senior of the chinese branch. He will be
leaving the mission in 3 transfers.

I am excited to have this opportunity to serve with him because I know
I will be able to learn a ton from the last surviving "Ancient."

Okay so I gotta say, if there is one word I can use to describe my
current companion (well, two words) I would have to say "Severus


Severus Snape is a person you grow to loathe and hate until the very
last part of Harry Potter, when you discover that he is actually a
super awesome heroic stud muffin x 1000.

All i have heard about Elder Chan thus far are the most horrendous
things.... won't get up in the morning, isn't too obedient, doesn't
care about missionary work... so on and so forth.

I was expecting some hardcore trials.

What ends up happening? He is a pleasure to work with and is a
terrific missionary. I respect this elder so much. So much.

This week was not too eventful.... Other than the fact that our
investigator Fan passed his interview a couple days ago :) I am so
stoked... He is accepting baptism this saturday, the 21st. He has
asked me to baptize him. I love this guy so much-- we hit it off so
well when I first met him. He has grown tremendously. Baptizing him
two days before my personal baptism date will be the best present in
the world.... I am so happy for him. So, so happy. I know his life
will be forever changed and filled with so much light and happiness...

That is simply what the gospel does for people... Over and over and
over and over again.

Have a great week everyone! I love you. Really, really.

Elder Valentine

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