Thursday, July 3, 2014

Workedy Work Work

May 12

Hey there party people!

This week.... WE FOUND MINI CHINA. OH my goodness it was amazing.
Apparently every sunday, the local high school gets rented out by the
chinese community for a huge portion... the kids all attend chinese
classes while the parents either kick back in the cafeteria or do
mother dance classes. It is pretty funny/awesome.

I was walking around and there were only about 2 white people in a
whole cafeteria of several hundred chinese people. I HEARD NO ENGLISH
It was a sweet, beautiful moment for me.
We are allowed to go there to do finding. My question is, will it be
weird for us to go there and bounce from table to table in a huge
cafeteria.... we are the only ones wearing white dress shirts and
ties, after all, so I am pretty sure everyone would figure out who we
are sooner or later.

Mother's Day was yesterday :) That was wonderful! I got to call and
skype the family! (Definitely the highlight of the week!)

Investigators... Paul is doing well. We had to kick back his baptism
though because we felt he wasn't truly prepared. Cathy is still a
tough nut to crack... she does commit though and she does do her
homework! So we are proud of her :) Fan Zhong is getting married soon!
(This is my techy friend who loves anime). The wedding should happen
this month! Yay! Mr. Yin is great! He reads and studies and sincerely
does his best. He is one of those golden ones, in my opinion. Totally
prepared. Those are the four progressing investigators. We hope to
have three, possibly four (depending on Cathy and Yin-- Yin doesn't
have a date yet, and Cathy might not be ready by her date) baptisms in
June. (June is a good month-- that is when I was baptized!)

Let's say you and your friend are talking... religion gets brought
up.... and they ask you a question about religion.
Person A: So you believe in ____?
You: Yes! And you know, it is so interesting that we are talking about
this because the missionaries are actually going to be coming over to
our house in about a week and a half to discuss this very topic! (now
this right here is the kicker) It would mean so, so much to me if you
would come over and learn with our family then.

Try it, try it, try it :) Please please please!
I know as you all invite others to come unto Christ, you will actually
find YOURSELF drawing closer to Christ as well :) Please try it out,
and shoot me an email about how it works! :) Love you all!

Have a great week everyone!

Love, Elder Valentine

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