Thursday, July 3, 2014


Apr. 28

Elder Beck got sick this week with a crazy bad sore throat-- he got it
from an exchange with the district leader.... He was hoping that I
would get it too, so I could experience his pain.

Ha, like I was going to let him have that small victory! What did I
do? Well, I did what any sane member of the Valentine clan would do--
I busted out the garlic pills.

You may think I am crazy-- I won't blame you-- but yes, we use garlic
pills to combat illness.

Guess what.

It works and worked. I have not had the slightest illness despite
being with Elder Beck for a whole week, enduring his coughing,
grumbling, and whatever other strange noise was emitted from the
depths of his deranged esophagus.

(So yeah, garlic was first used as a remedy back in the "Vampire" days
because it was known to combat illnesses back then-- it may just be a
placebo effect quack, but hey, whatever works works. Oh yeah, I made
the title Vampires because I wanted to make it somewhat interesting.
Hehe. he. he)

This week was pretty awesome in terms of people!
Fan Zhong, my awesome Chinese compadre whom I love so much-- came to
our branch yesterday and loved it! (I totally forgot to mention we
took him to the English ward last week because it would be easer for
him to access... It was so boring... I felt so bad for him. He thought
the Chinese branch was waaaay better. We are happy)
We met Mr. Yin through a missionary referral! That was pretty cool! he
is so great. Missionary referrals are awesome. That is where we get
the most amount of good investigators from!

We have a baptism on the 16th-- Paul's! We just got to get him to
church more. He always says he will come, but then he forgets, or he
forgets to tell his mom. Yesterday we drove to his house to wake him
up, and it turns out his mother knew nothing about it and arranged
things to do that morning.

I kinda sorta cracked down on him yesterday night. Not hard. Just a little bit.

I swear, Elder Beck is like the protective mother of the investigators
and I am the blunt father. That is really what it is like with all of
our investigators. It works well as a companionship though.

Alright all, sorry for the lack of funny stories this week.... I hope
you are all doing well!
The work is working!

Elder Valentine

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