Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

Dear Home:

Familia!  Okay, so the companion is really quiet.  We get a long GREAT.  Well, I like him a lot.  I don't know if he thinks I am too loud or overbearing though.  Ha Ha.

I am seriously TEARING IT UP HERE.  The Valentine name is getting around already!  We were doing a  mass-joint visit with an investigator.  Everyone was stumped on what to say because this lady was confounding them with  philosophy.  I raised my hand and KICKED HER PHILOSOPHY BUTT (in a nice way) and she agreed to read and pray and take a step in faith.  Afterward, the director asked her what thoughts she had on how the conversation went.  She pointed to me and said, "I really liked what this Elder said.  He knows what he's doing."  (Other missionaries were trying to tell her our faith and she told us she didn't care about Mormon faith--I simply told her it doesn't matter what the label is on the information we are showing her.  I invited her to take a leap of faith with us and read the things which were taught and pray with us to know if these things were true.  I told her she had absolutely nothing to lose.  She then agreed.  WINNER.)

As I was walking out, people were saying stuff like, "That Elder Valentine is a beast."  He He He.

Oh, I also won the last scenerio too.  (There were 50+ missionaries is there).  The Valentine name will be famous yet! 

My companion does not know a lick of Chinese.  I am teaching him all I know.  He is, in a way, my son.  I feel as if I am training him in the ways of awesomeness.  He and I have agreed to run the MTC.  We will dominate.

I am enjoying the MTC!  Erm, last night I had a sick feeling in my stomach about being here for 2 years.  I just need to make it to Sunday, I guess.

I ran into Maryann!  We took some cute pictures.

My P-Day is Monday!  I will tell you who my branch leader is when he is called today!  I love you all!  DEAR ELDER MEEEE!



Elder Valentine

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