Monday, August 12, 2013

FIRST WEEK WAPPAH! August 12, 2013

Okay sorry I had to send two emails with pictures... There is a limit on how many pictures I can have per email. WEAK, RIGHT!?
I will now begin to describe my many adventures (or lack, thereof) of my first week.
Do I have your attention?
Tai hao le! (Excellent!)
Alright so this week was not NEARLY as bad as all the old MTC veterans told me it would be. Yeah, I have studied more than I have ever in my life, but believe it or not, IT WAS NOT TORTURE. Studying Chinese is ACTUALLY FUN! Who knew, right?! I love the language! I can't imagine being a Portuguese or Spanish elder. Chinese is just too cool, ya know? Alright so my district... There is a picture of us in the attached images somewhere... We have three sisters (a tri companionship) and 6 elders. My companion is Elder Johnson. We are the most OPPOSITE people you could think of! We get along fantastically though! He is extremely quiet and meek. I love him. Oh did I mention he is a cardio bunny? Yeah, so we go to the gym and he hits the bikes while I hit the weights. We have only been able to go once though... We will be able to go much more this week!
Okay so there was this incredible talk, Character of Christ, which YOU ALL NEED TO SEE! It is by David Bednar. I highly highly recommend it (yeah, this is coming from a kid who DETESTS watching talks soooo.... it means a bunch that I am saying it is so flippin awesome).
The food is awesome. Seriously. I get about two plates of meat, one plate of vegetables, one plate of carbs, and two glasses of milk at every meal. (For breakfast this morning, I had 8 eggs, a whole wheat bagel, two pieces of sausage, a little bit of potatoes-- just a little bit for flavor-- and three cups of milk. Yeah baby, yeah!)
I eat the most by far out of the whole district! (Should I be proud of that? Because I am.)
I am well taken care of here.
Alright sooo my investigator sessions? AWESOME! My language is flowing back to me like I got thrown into the Niagara Falls of language. The Chinese gods have smiled upon me this week.
Mrs. Fisher would be proud.
(Oh PS could you send me her email pweeaase? She is the Chinese teacher at Saugus High)
I understood about 85% of my investigator during the first session, and 95% during the second. We taught him how to pray (he said the prayer-- Booyah) and got him to commit to read the introduction. My companion and I feel like Chinese STUD MUFFINS. (Uh, stud rice rolls?)
Power hour, baby.
I ran into a few people I know! Most of them are from college, so I don't think you'd know any of them (not that I remember their names anyway...)
I ran into Maryann! Took some pictures. That was pretty sweet.
Oh, coolest thing ever.... She taught me the best thing.
Oi means hello in Portuguese.
Is that not the coolest thing EVER?
Chinese is still cooler though, just sayin.
Okay party people, I must be going now!
I love those! I WILL WRITE YOU BACK!
Thank you for all the love and support!
See ya next week!

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