Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 2 at the MTC!

OUR FIRST (not real) INVESTIGATOR!  Jiong DiXiong!  We love him.
This is the district pointing to the map!  39F!  THE BEST DISTRICT EVERRRR!
My companion and I hokeying the hallways for service... Easiest. Job. Ever. So easy, it was painfully boring.
 Ran into Garrett Harding at the temple!
 My companion and I at the temple!
We got bored waiting for the devotional on Tuesday at the Marriott Center so we decided to break out the photo shooting....I don't think that Elder Caldwell got the idea hahahaha.
Elder Johnson and I waiting in line to get to the devotional on Sunday night!  IT WAS SO CROWDED!
 SOOO MANY MISSIONARIES! We were on the way back from the Marriott Center! We flooded the sidewalks!

The average breakfast of an average Elder Valentine.  Anyone want to give me a calorie estimate?
I have been dubbed Elder Egg, due to my insane consumption of eggs. I find it an absolute HONOR! One of the sisters in our district (Sister Palmer-- the brunette who wears glasses) is bomb at drawing. I am so jealous.
This is the computer lab! We use this to record us speaking the language and compare it to how it is supposed to sound.

 My parents understand and are looking out for me.
 Kel runs into Maryann at the temple!
 Kel, Maryann, and companions at the MTC map.
Elder Valentine and Elder Johnson at the map.

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