Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Title, A Title, We've got no Title

I still think that is the funniest verse in the Moermenjing (BOM).
"A bible, a bible, we've got a bible."
Cracks me up everytime.

Okay so this week was kind of a drag....

Me and Elder Johnson's fault. This is where it started...

We walked into the District Meeting feeling like stud mcmuffins because we pulled about 15 lessons, accounting for about a fourth of the zone's 62 lessons.

People come up to us and say stuff like "WOW! Great week guys!"

AAAnd we are feeling pretty chipper.

We then find out (WE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS ALL ALONG BUT WE DIDN'T BECAUSE WE ARE STINKERS) that a little under HALF OF THEM COUNTED because there was no specific return appointment on a good majority! BLAH.

So we go home feeling like crap. Well, I do.

So my motivation was shot and that week I tried to let Elder Johnson take the reins because I was kind of tired of initiating every street contact and holding up every conversation.

Well, I discovered that didn't work very well. By the time I felt like getting back into "take the lead mode", it was already Friday and our numbers were trash. I can't say I am going to like the district meeting tomorrow, putting up the numbers we have... BLAH!
Transfers are happing in about three weeks.

My guess? Elder Johnson will go with the other quiet companion. Elder Beck (the other loud and gung ho companion) and I talked a bit about what he said in his interview with the President and what I will say in the interview, and it sounds like that is what the President is planning on happening, too.

I know Elder Johnson hates me giving him speeches, so I gave him a quick 30 second speal about how his next companion will not push him to talk to everyone as I do, nor how he will force him to talk during lessons as I do. He didn't say much in response, but I hope he got the point.

One time this week, I locked him out of the car and forced him to do practice street contacts with me in the grocery store parking lot. I was pretty frustrated at that point.
Haha, he refused to get out of the car at first because he knew what was going to happen (I was going to make him do street contacts), so I turned on the car alarm and waited a good 20 feet away until he got out.
hahaha. hahaha. haha.
(Many thanks to Sister Shipp's dad for inspiration on that one. You are a gentleman and a scholar, my fine sir.)

Elder Johnson is getting better now. I know there certainly are things i can learn from him as well, such as cleanliness and being on time and not backing out unless there is a missionary to back me up hahaha.
Okay so moving on.... I had to do a fat 90 minute phone call to Humanacare health insurance for an old lady in our ward! ( Liu Jiemie). That was fun-- and the best part is next week WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN! hahahahaha.
She got her program pulled because she paid too late, so now we get to file a reinstating claim to medicare for her next week.

Man, I should go work at a retirement home or something like that after the mission because I am learning how to do all this old people care stuff!

Hey, at church this little girl completely knocked her brother out of her seat! It reminded me of the football video game scott and I used to play!

That was pretty exciting!

Alright well there is nothing else really I can think of... Hrm ... I kissed a fried fish at a restaraunt! Is that email worthy? Got a picture, too ;)

I hope you are all doing well! Love you all. Take care, folks!


Elder Valentine

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