Sunday, January 19, 2014

Polar Vortex...what?

Welp. January 7th was my five month anniversary. Man, I am one young missionary.
The day before I get a couple phone calls. #1 is my district leader.
He wants to do splits with us the following day. Cool, no big deal. He tells me he wants to go with Elder Johnson and wants me to go over there. I tell him that the district leader came over with Elder Johnson last time, and that Elder Johnson cannot drive due to some file his doctor forgot to put in (so the district leader would end up having to drive).

We thought about it a bit and discussed it a touch and we came to the conclusion that him doing splits with Elder Johnson would be best... SO I would go with the District leader's companion on a bike. cool, no big deal.

Next call. My ward mission leader.
We do our weekly report and stuff-- you know, regular protocol. At the end of the phone call he says...
"Oh yeah by the way make sure you bundle up a TON tomorrow. It's supposed to be freakishly cold."
"Yeah it's called the polar vortex or something. It is the coldest day of the year. All the schools in all of Fairfax county are closed tomorrow."
".... Nice."
"Yeah so try and be outside as little as possible tomorrow. Man, I'm happy for your sake that you have a car."
"I know the wind shield is supposed to be crazy. That's the coldest part. It will be around 0."
"Awesome. Guess who is going on a bike tomorrow for splits?"
"....You've got to be kidding me."
"I'd call in and ask what protocal is, I mean, I understand what working hard is, I did the rounds in Taiwan, but that is just dangerous. You should call in and ask."
"Alright thanks for the warning Pong Dixiong."
"Be safe Elder."

I call the zone leaders and the official global missionary protocal is -30 degrees... so no dice.
The following morning arrives before the split.
It's our branch president. He never calls us unless it is about a meeting.
"Hey guys I just wanted to call you and warn you about the weather today. It's 5 degrees right now and is only going to get colder. Make sure you wear your warmest gear out there. I'm so glad you guys aren't on bikes. I'd be so worried."
"..... Yeaaaaah I would be too. Thank you so much for the advice president."
"I mean, seriously, none of my kids even have school today. Everyone is staying home."
"Alright president we understand thank you! We will be sure to bundle up."
"Tomorrow will be 13 degrees so that is nice at least. Just keep warm tonight. Get back to the car asap and don't plan to be outside that long."
"Yes. ... thank you. We will do our best."

All I have to say is that night was freezing. Zone leaders brought me an extra overcoat at the zone meeting that day, thank goodness. Holy shishkabob.

I am so greatful for a car now.

I do feel for biking missionaries now-- especially those guys. They live outside of their ward boundaries. Their whole day consists of a few hours of biking.

If someone ends up not being there, boom, there's a fat 3 hours wasted trying to get to there house.

We biked all day that day and the people we were supposed to contact ended up not being home.

Not productive at all. I am so thankful for a car.

Well, on a happier note, Elder Johnson and I tore it up this week with numbers. We have more than doubled our lessons of the week and referrals.

It's only going up from here!

Last night we had a tiny miracle, I guess. It was 8:55 and I was ready to pack up and head back (we had not much success last night. 4 lessons planned, only one came through), but we decided to hit one random house. (Have I mentioned how much I HATE town home parking? I swear you have to drive forever just to find a parking place that isn't plastered with tow signs.)

We go in and knock..

It's an old man.

He invites us in.

We talk a ton.

New investigator. One extra lesson.

That was a nice way to end the week :)
I hope you all have a great week! :) That's all for now!


Elder Valentine


Cool experience...

I hit the sack one night just TIRED. There are three beds in the room, right? One next to the far left wall (used to be Tang's, but now I occupy it), one in the middle (Elder Johnson's) and one in the far right (my old bed, which is littered with clean laundry I haven't folded yet).
I crash on Tang's bed (I always sleep there)
I wake up in the morning and I end up being on my bed.... My clothes are folded at the foot of my bed and stacked....

I grab Elder Johnson.
"N-n-n-noo I swear! You were on Tang's bed when I came in!"
"No I would never touch your clothes!"
"Yes I swear! I didn't touch you or your clothes!"

So we came to the conclusion I sleep walked over to my bed and folded my clothes and went to sleep.


Now I just have to train my subconcious to clean everything else too....

Elder Johnson shined my shoes for me today! I didn't even notice until he told me to look at my shoes.

D'awww :)

Take care everyone!

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