Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BLAAAAH! Not much time left :(

So we had mission conference this past Saturday!

Guess who came?

Exclamation point guy.

You know, the one who spoke at conference.

Well, his real name is "Elder Nielson," but I prefer to call him Exclamation Point Guy.

Boy, did he live up to that name.

It was a really really good series of talks, presented by my mission president (Wow, talk about a guy who makes you fee loved. He was so sincere during our interview, I started crying! Holy mackerel, I am turning into quite the softy.), the mission mom, and Mr. Exclamation Point.

Boy, did he use those exclamation points. Killed them, in fact.

It was pretty good, otherwise! (President's section was better!)

This week Elder Johnson and I scored a couple new investigators... We met with the Ward Mission Leader. All four of us Chinese missionaries were there last night.

I found out what was required to turn our branch into a stake.... Well, heres what we have currently....

Right now we have about 45 members, give or take.
We have about 6 active Melchezidek Priesthood holders....

Ready for this?
In order to even be CONSIDERED to become a ward we need...

Dang, that was discouraging. I went and presented these numbers to the WML and I said "Alright. Let's figure this out and hit this. I want this."

Our meeting was a touch disappointing, because he didn't really have becoming a ward as one of our focuses. We did agree on one thing and that was how we do need to increase our numbers due to transportation issues.
His focus was maintaining our branch as a nice community for people to come from china and hear the gospel and have it be a good opportunity for Chinese people to receive callings. He was hesitant to set number goals for baptisms and referrals.

Oh well. I think the branch president has a more assertive view on things. Maybe he and I will see more eye to eye.

What can I say? I am a numbers guy. Numbers= more people coming unto Christ.
It was still a productive meeting, and I am really, really glad it happened. I definitely learned that I need to be more concerned about our current members. I have been so focused on expansion that I have not been very attentive to our current members! (besides liu jiemei-- I got the reinstatement for medicare approved! YES! Now I have to file one more claim after she receives her document in the mail and then we are GOLD!)

Okay well, that's most of today's stuff! I hope you all have a great rest of the week :)

It's really cold here. The humidity really makes the air bite. It's weird because it will say it is only 20 or something degrees, but it feels waay colder. Elder Johnson says it matches the negatives in Utah.

Alright! I am off! I wish you all the best! :)

Much love,

Elder Valentine!

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